Carman’s Tailwaggers

We have Alpine, LaMancha, and Saanen Milking does.  We participate in the following improvement programs: Linear Appraisal, DHIA, and CAE Prevention. We have been members of ADGA since 1997.

With the construction of the dairy parlor and processing plant in 2012 we did not show or appraise our animals that year. In 2011 our average score for the herd of 33 animals was 87. We had 11 animals that scored 90 or above and 13 more from 85 to 90. Of the 28 that were milkers, we had 11 that scored E for mammary, all home bred animals. The herd has produced 12 Champions (all home bred) 8 of which also carry the Superior Genetics designation. We have 8 additional animals that carry the Superior Genetics designation. In the show ring we have had several Best Doe in Show and in the only Buck show we have participated in, as of this time, we had 1 Best Buck in Show.

Production: We are on DHIA since we began milking and have 4 goats that have earned the Top Ten Production Breed Award from ADGA. One was for Butterfat, one was for Protein, and two were for milk production with one of them earning it for two lactations.