Hormone Free Natural Goat Milk

Taste the difference attention and care make

Goat Milk

We operate an eight stall milking parlor and a processing plant. This allows us to produce and process Grade A Whole Pasteurized Creamline Goat Milk. We are one of only three  federally inspected and approved plants in PA that process Grade A pasteurized goat milk, and the only one to process its own milk.

About Us

Matt Carman – owner of Liberty View Creamery, LLC and Carman’s Tailwaggers; along with his mother Deb Carman, owner of Goat Soap Chalet, LLC – are located in the beautiful countryside of the Littlestown / Gettysburg area of southern Pennsylvania.

Carman’s Tailwaggers

We have Alpine, LaMancha, and Saanen Milking does. We offer Buck service for Alpines, LaManchas, and Saanens. We participate in the following improvement programs: Linear Appraisal, DHIA, and CAE Prevention. We have been members of ADGA since 1997.

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